Family Trip to Bohol

Family Trip to Bohol

Writing on a weekly basis is kind of hard when you have 2 jobs, volleyball and a family that’s really close. I’ve been wanting to write for awhile about my Bohol trip with my family and no words can express how happy I am about the trip but sad at the same time.

This trip with my family is simply consist of swimming, snorkeling and eating especially EATING! we didn’t do anything but order food and drinks. The best part of the trip is seeing my younger brother drunk for the very first time and it was funny because he literally talks to himself and shouts at the waiters. Family is everything and nothing makes me happy more than being with my family.


The journey of being an employee. Pt 1

The journey of being an employee. Pt 1

My journey of being a student and a store owner ended last January and now that I am an ordinary person who has a job and a boss. Who would have thought that I actually got a job? I mean I’ve been focusing with food bazaars and my own store and even helping with my family’s businesses that no one really thought especially my family that I would want to get a job. The reason I wanted to get a job is simple really, GROWTH. I don’t grow as a person when the only person I listen to is myself, I mean yes I have my family but no one would really teach you and guide you to survive the world that we live in, well technically not survive because I think that’s a bit exaggerated. I just think that it is the same when it comes to everybody, it is always better with a companion. I don’t mean boyfriend or girlfriend but someone extra, someone like a workmate.

As of today, I’ve been officially hired by ALVEO Land Corporation for a month now and I’m enjoying it, I think this is the moment when everything is still exciting and the time you would want to prove everyone that you can do something with your life. Though, it does not end there, it is also the time to meet new friends and possibly a future long term companion. (NOT REALLY) Well everything is still exciting and I still enjoy my job, I don’t think I’ll get bored but no one really knows what can happen especially when now I can feel the pressure of the job and that I’ve experienced the things that I am quite unsure how to measure but I mean “DUH!” it’s all part of the job.

What I have experienced for the whole month is almost the same thing as what I have experienced in high school, I mean yes you work and you have someone to report to but the gossiping and the jealousy is all still there. I wanna think that it’s all part of humanity but I can’t truly accept that especially when I’ve traveled a lot and experienced a lot of different cultures. Gossiping is part of Filipino culture and it is over the top for me, because honestly, why can’t we just stop it? I mean it’s not a bad thing to talk about other people’s lives because almost everyone does it but giving an opinion about it in front of other people, I think that’s when you are out of boundaries. I’m not saying I’ve never done it before because I have. So it’s almost I’m back in high school but instead of lessons and classes, its meetings and training.

So there, that’s what I think so far about my job. I love working by the way. Enjoy!

I haven’t cooked for a while but I’ll post my next recipe after this. Watch out for it.

“Christmas is coming…. And this is what I’m feeling.”

“Christmas is coming…. And this is what I’m feeling.”

Everytime it hits October each year, my heart feels this thrilling excitement of knowing that Christmas is just around the corner, maybe not just around but only 3 months away. That is because my family celebrates Christmas like no other and I’m happy to say that we like spending our vacation with each other than spending it with our friends. Like any other family, we eat during Christmas eve, we play games and we give gifts to each other. But the most important part is we talk, we make jokes and we laugh. The gift doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing or anything, a simple notebook counts and we treasure those cards that has greetings on it. Actually we don’t throw it away, I know you might think what a waste but it is what it is and in those simple ways we know how we appreciate one another.

Well this year ain’t suppose to be different but as you all know 2015 is not the best year I had and might actually be the worst. At first my Christmas wish would just to spend it with my family and have all this baking stuff that I want and to see the 5sos here in Manila. Well I’m actually seeing the 5SOS and I’m happy about that like super gigantic happy I couldn’t even keep it to myself. For my second wish, the kitchenaide mixer, I know I will be getting that and I am happy about it but I know deep in my heart that there is only one wish I really wanted to be granted, it is that I wish I never knew what I learned a week ago to be true. (Yeah I won’t be telling you all what it is) but everytime I remember it, my heart breaks. At that certain moment I knew my Christmas won’t ever be the same. Although it won’t be the same, I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it like any other year, I won’t be the girl who looks like she is carrying the whole worlds problem but more of the girl who now sees that every small detail of her life is important and that it should be appreciated and treasured.  


The kind of person you deserve to be with.

The kind of person you deserve to be with.

I’ve been single for almost 4 years now and throughout those years I’ve dated a dozen of guys that I did not end up taking a risk with. Some might say that I am picky or choosy when it comes to liking someone but honestly speaking, I am not. I’ve had good break-ups and bad ones but I never told myself that I should stop believing in Love or anything romantic because that’s just the way life is. On the other hand though, I have told myself so many times that breaking up with someone teaches you a lesson and you are suppose to learn and live differently from those mistakes so here I am writing this post not because I want to tell you guys that this is the type of guy you deserve but to make you think if the person you are with is what you really want.

I made a list of things men has to do to prove that they are worth taking a risk with and a list of actions that women should consider doing for their significant other.

  1. You deserve a guy who can tell you that he likes you the moment he started feeling it.

The reason that I believe this is because a lot of guys out there can’t be blunt or honest about their feelings which kinda sucks for the girl because sometimes they just wait for you to say it so please do. May I remind you boys that girls love words, no matter how many times a girl tells you that you don’t have to say those 3 words that they always wait, it actually means that you have to say it. For the girl side, if you really wanna know that he likes you and you actually have feelings for him too, then please do the honor and say so. It doesn’t look bad if the girl is the one who admitted it, it just means you had the guts and he didn’t.

2. You deserve a gentlemen.

Yes! you read that right, being a gentlemen is not just opening the door or moving your chair for you. You girls deserve someone who can be gentle with words “who lets you finish what you are saying without butting in”, actions “who has the initiative to do something” and the most important is in case of any accidents, he thinks about saving you more than he wants to save himself. If you think I want some superhero then what you are thinking is wrong because no I don’t, a girl can feel weaker than boys sometimes, you don’t have to be the superior one or dominant one, let them be. Let them take care of you but you should take care of them as well.

3. You deserve a guy who can tell the world that you are officially together.

I’ve seen and encountered a lot of guys who hates taking pictures or posting cheesy comments in any social media  but they actually changed for her. Girls are more emotional, YES that is true but boys can be emotional too and sometimes they act on things their girls want. You don’t deserve a guy who hides you and doesn’t want you to meet his friends or family because that only means that he is not sure if you are the girl for her. The same goes with the boys, you deserve a girl who can shout to the world that you are together. By the way, this opinion of mine exclude those young couples who has to hide it for the better, I don’t have anything against that.

4. You deserve a healthy relationship with your significant other.

There are a lot of unhealthy relationships but I’m not someone who can determine if its healthy or not. Although, in my opinion, a healthy relationship is when you both understand each other in so many ways such as with your work, with your responsibility to your family, every time you have a bad day, and with your goals and future plans. A healthy relationship is when you two sync with each other. You do not need to have the same goals, same responsibilities or same future plans because at the end of the day you will be helping each other achieve what you truly wants.

5. You deserve someone  who can tell you that you are wrong and ugly straight to your face.

No matter what you do or whatever you did for that day, you deserve someone who can stand for their own beliefs because I believe everyone has their own beliefs and sometimes your significant other forgets about it because they are scared to lose you. The moment you let him/her agree to everything that you say, it only means that you guys will break up eventually or someone will cheat. Everyone deserves a strong companion.

These 5 list is not really a specific list of anything because they cover a lot of situations and in my own opinion, you deserve what you think you deserve. Don’t let me or anyone tell you otherwise.

Who said you can only bake fish fillets?

   Since yesterday morning, I’ve been searching for a baked fish recipes and I haven’t seen any baked fish that wasn’t fillet already. So I came up with an idea to help those people who cannot afford to buy fish fillet since its kinda expensive compared to the fish you can get from the wet market and to those who doesn’t have an oven or turbo. 
Forgive my pictures for I took it at night and using my phone only and I just love sharing what I do for fun. So what I did today is I invented my own baked Tilapia (not fillet) with mushrooms. 


  • 3 medium size tilapia (not fillet)
  • 1 can of mushrooms or you can use fresh mushroom 
  •  1/2 onions chopped in a watermelon style
  • 1/2 chopped garlic
  • Cayenne Pepper or use Chili powder
  • Basil leaves chopped or Basil Powder (if you don’t have just use wansoy, the important is you used a herb to remove the smell of the fish) 
  • 1 tspn Pepper
  • 1 tspn Salt
  • Sliced Lemon


  1. Sauté the cut mushrooms, onions and garlic together until brown.
  2. Put it under the pan where you will bake it then put the fish on top of it.
  3. Add cayenne, basil, salt and pepper. Mix it all but make sure that the fish is on top. 
  4. Add shredded mozarella on top or just ordinary cheese for sweetness with salty. 
  5. Then add slices of lemon on top for sour taste. 
  6. Bake it for 20 minutes at 250•c or you can use the turbo at 30 minutes 185•c. If you don’t have both of them you can cover the whole pan with aluminum foil on top and put it on top of the stove then go for medium heat. 

So there you go! It taste good and if you wanna try it then go have some fun in your kitchen! Wait for next post : my sardine pesto 🙂 Thank You!

How to make some fancy merienda :) 

So today We had a bad weather and my family is kinda complete due to suspensions and because of that I made some fancy merienda. I usually cook for them every weekends and it’s kinda nice that they misses me when I’m not around. Haha 

You know when you eat egg, hotdog and bread in the morning and you have to put everything together on your own? It’s kinda “nakakatamad” to do that in the afternoon especially when you are infront of the tv or computer. So what I did is I baked them altogether and added some fancy twist. Here is the recipe to my baked bread with egg and hotdog. 


  • 12 pcs. Gardenia Tasty Bread
  • 3 Eggs
  • 3-4 Hotdogs ( depending on how many you guys want )
  • 1/4 cheddar cheese
  • 1 tspn Salt
  • 1 tspn Pepper
  • Butter
  • Cupcake Pan (12’s)


  1. Put butter in the cupcake pan and make sure every part is covered with melted butter. 
  2. Pinch the bread till thin and add a little butter for oily effect. 
  3. Put bread in the pan and try not to break it. (It easily break so be gentle about it)
  4. Cut the hotdog in the middle and slice it into small cuts then put in the middle of the bread. (Around 5 small cuts per bread)
  5. Mixed the eggs, add salt and pepper, after that you can put it in the bread around 2-3 tablespoon. 
  6. Then grind the cheese on top of it. 
  7. For extra look, try to put hotdogs on top of it. 
  8. Prep heat the oven (170c) then bake the bread for 10 mins. 🙂 

Pretty easy right?? No need to go out and buy some merienda. If you don’t have an oven, you can use a toaster. For my extra twist? Put some basil inside and it’ll taste better! 

So that’s for an easy trip to a baked bread. Have fun and Enjoy!